The Polytechnic Institute of Porto (IPP) began its activity in 1985 and is the largest institution of polytechnic education in Portugal in what concerns number of students, teachers, courses and schools, the result of a high diversity of profiles, training, from public activities and extension deployment geographical.

The School of Allied Health Sciences of Porto (ESTSP) is an organic unity of teaching and research. With approximately 2000 students, 200 teachers, 600 clinical training Monitors and 40 non teaching staff, assures degrees and master degrees adapted within the Bologna process since the academic year of 2008/2009. This institution has a total of 13 Undergraduate, and 6 Masters. Additionally there are three Research Units. It is an institution of science, human, cultural and technical education, dedicated to the development of science and health technologies, particularly in the areas of teaching, research, provision of community services and participation in national and international cooperation projects.

Site: http://www.estsp.ipp.pt