The IGA Project, led by the School of Allied Health Sciences (ESTSP), won 1st place in the EUROPE FOR CITIZENS PROGRAMME contest, of the European Commission, having been the only Portuguese proposal approved in the Contest.

With an overall budget of 214 thousand euros, the IGA Project contributes to a more inclusive Europe, stimulating dialogue and interaction between citizens and European institutions, in order to find efficient and sustainable solutions for various forms of social exclusion. IGA is a good example of the existing cooperation between higher education institutions and non-governmental organizations from 7 European countries.

The project, working directly with professionals and people from different European countries in a situation of social exclusion , either due to their condition of poverty, long-term unemployment, psychosocial disability or pensions, will contribute to the social integration of theses citizens, making them aware of their rights , sharing of knowledge and good practices of intervention in this area , their ability to start small businesses , the development of attitudes and skills related to social entrepreneurship and community awareness on the issue of inclusion.