With about 2250 students, ESS is the third largest School of the Polytechnic of Porto (P. Porto), the largest Polytechnic of Higher Education in Portugal. ESS  is distinguished not only by the wide range of courses it offers, but also by its dynamic growth with quality. ESS also maintains an extensive cooperation with a large number of public and private institutions, translated into more than 500 signed protocols aimed at collaboration at the level of education, including internships for ESS students, research and community outreach activities, including the provision of innovation services.

ESS participates in European programs of training and mobility of students and teachers, allowing the increase of the European dimension of the students and the promotion of cultural exchange in the context of the internationalization of programs of labor market enlargement. Most of these mobility projects are under the Erasmus mobility program, currently Erasmus +, with more than 50 bilateral agreements with European Community Higher Education Institutions providing ESS mobility for students, inter-institutional teaching and non-teaching staff. In addition to the mobility projects carried out under Erasmus +, ESS carries out exchanges, mainly of students, with Brazil among other countries. ESS is one of the Schools of P.Porto with the highest number of students in foreign mobility programs, providing them with an unparalleled experience of internationalization.
Taking into consideration the policy of approach to the community, ESS has a very dynamic of its own, carrying out different types of activities with the most varied surrounding communities. In all these activities, their students are present, giving a dynamic innovation to them and, at the same time, these activities provide unique teaching-learning moments in real contexts. At the technical-scientific level, ESS develops several activities in the scope of training, research, and regularly holds seminars, workshops, short courses, conferences, symposiums, congresses, and has as speakers invited individuals of recognized merit. Through its Mobile Health Unit / Pedagogical Clinic, ESS provides activities to the surrounding community (e.g., Schools, Homes for the Elderly, IPSS, spaces in the city, among others), including screenings, activities and awareness raising actions in education for the health.

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